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Available Courses

All about Sweat Equity - the Concept, the Regulations and the Procedure.

Sweat Equity is a mechanism to attract participating talent in a company. This course describes the regulations and the procedure to be followed for issuance of sweat equity shares.

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Zero FIR - All you need to know about it.

Learn about the ZERO FIR and be an aware citizen. This Course will help you understand the concept and procedure of filing Zero FIR.

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Sweep Clauses - What are the Risks and the Guardrails

Learn about Sweep Clauses and how they impact the Services Agreement. Sweep Clauses are the main reasons to bring down the profit margin of any deal or Contract.

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Demystify the Service Level Agreements in IT Contracts

Find out what are the Service Level Agreements in IT Contracts and Services. Learn and mitigate the risk associated with SLA.

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What, Why and How of Statement of Works (SOW) for IT Contracts - Level 1

Learn What, Why and How of Statement of Works (SOW) for IT and Outsourcing Contracts. Minimize the risks and red accounts with the knowledge of writing good SOW.

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Finance Concepts for In-house Legal Counsels and Contract Managers

Feel confident, informed and well aware about the business and revenue when you deal with other stakeholders in your organization. This course is designed to help you understand the concepts easily.

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Tax Implications for Non-profit Organizations (NGO)

Taxes have been a complex matters to handle and especially the NGOs would like to spend more time on their activity than anything else. This course will help you know about tax implications in a simple and easy manner.

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Corporate Legal Counsel Or Independent Law Practice?

This quiz is based on psychological analysis of the answer provided. Take the quiz and find out what will click for you.

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